Airhead 2019 Lifestyle Catalog

Airhead 2019 Lifestyle Catalog
Catalog Design & Copywriting

Role In Project: Co-Project Lead and Copywriter

With both a new mission statement and brand guidelines rolling out for 2019, Airhead wanted to create a catalog that reflected their company as well as showcased their new style. There was a big emphasis on creating a candid and carefree mood throughout the piece, in order to set a new tone of “family premium” for marketing materials moving forward.

Earlier that year, the marketing team hosted “Airhead Yacht Week” with their brand ambassadors and created an abundance of rich photo and video content. The idea was to showcase this work as well as highlight Airhead breaking a world record for the most towable tubes pulled behind a boat on that same trip. We also wanted to set a new tone for the brand with short editorial pieces and highlight new products coming out for 2020.

We chose to pair large, bright imagery with candid and fun editorial pieces throughout the catalog. The photographs focus more on the lifestyle Airhead is portraying, while still including product imagery and descriptions to drive sales. We included “ambassador highlights” to create a more personal and down-to-earth image of the brand, and included multiple “spec pages” to emphasize premium features on new products. The catalog allows the viewer to follow along on the Bahamas trip, while subtly getting sold on Airhead’s products and familiarizing themselves with the updated brand.