The Dark Sky Association

The Dark Sky Association
Logo Redesign and Event Branding

The Dark Sky Association is an organization that works to preserve unobstructed views of the night sky. They accomplish this task by helping cities cut down on light pollution, specifically in areas close to their "dark sky" designated parks. To better help the organization reach their goals, I redesigned their logo and worked on event branding as part of an assigned project while earning my degree at West Chester University.

My goal was to make the Dark Sky organization more relatable. I wanted their brand to be welcoming to every day users of their designated parks, not just serious astronomers. I believe that this will help raise awareness of the organization, and help peak interest throughout the general public to preserve our dark spaces.

Naturally, I chose a darker color theme to match the organization's mission in preserving the night sky. I paired this theme with a more organic and outdoorsy typeface as to be approachable to serious astronomers and everyday enthusiasts alike. Likewise, with the event branding, I used the same typeface to keep the brand consistency. The use of photography was a powerful tool to help properly illustrate exactly what this organization is working to save: starry views of the milky way and beyond. The dramatic night time scenes, paired with "tongue in cheek" taglines will help peak interest and make the event more welcoming to lovers of the night sky, no matter their experience.