Hooplove: The Artwork of Hannah Hooper
Artist Catalog & Book Design

Hannah Hooper is a truly unique artist. Not only does she create bright and expressive paintings, but she is the lead singer in the band Grouplove. She has found ways of merging both of these talents together by creating album covers, merchandise, and stage visuals for the band. When my Publication Design class at West Chester University was put to the task of choosing an artist to create a catalog for, Hannah was an obvious choice.

The biggest challenge with this project was finding a way to create a well designed catalog that didn't distract from displaying Hannah's work. Her paintings are expressive and stylistic, so finding the appropriate amount of balanced white space was important. The catalog featured her personal work, art designed for her band, and a brief history of her career.

The final catalog focuses on bright colors and vibrant photography. I chose photographs that were eye catching and that and gave the reader some insight into Hannah's personality and creative process. I also worked with white space and a grid system to give each piece it's own well deserved breathing room. After I was satisfied with my layout and design solution, I was able to get the catalog professionally bound and printed as to really bring this project to life.