Paradigm Moonshine

Paradigm Moonshine
Package Design

With moonshine typically coming in mason jars and having a "hick town" vibe to it, there is not a whole lot of variation between commercial moonshine brands. When my package design class at West Chester University was given the prompt "Paradigm Moonshine", I immediately thought of this hillbilly pattern and model for moonshine packaging, and wanted to break it.

Instead of playing into the stereotypes, I took a new look at these rural mountain towns in Appalachia. One of the unifying factors that supports the economies of these towns in the 2200 mile Appalachian Trail. These towns are filled with hikers who find endless adventure in the rugged mountains, and there is nothing like finishing a hike with moonshine distilled with ingredients found native in these parts of Appalachia.

The Appalachian Trail is sometimes divided into four separate sections. picked notable mountains within these sections and used that to highlight di€erent ingredients and moonshine flavors. For example, the bottle highlighting Maine would be a blueberry flavored moonshine, and Georgia would be peach flavored. Spreading the design over four bottles allowed me to really focus in on di€erent states and geological regions along the trail. Since each flavor is also associated with a notable mountain in the section, and the numbers along the side are the exact mile marker in which the summit of the mountain is located. I also used the back side of the bottle to tell a story of how each ingredient is collected in the area where the mile marker is located.