Penn's Woods

Penn’s Woods
Brand Design & Campaign

Pennsylvania is bursting with over 121 state parks. These parks are an important part of what makes our state so incredibly unique. With each park boosting its own beautiful landscapes, there are endless adventures throughout every part of PA. However, it is sometimes hard for families to utilize the parks. Weather it's the hassle of gathering up all the gear for a family to go camping, or fear of taking the family on a hike, the outdoors can be intimidating to some parents. To help calm these fears,I created the mock brand "Penn's Woods" to help guide families on their outdoor getaways during my time studying graphic design at West Chester University.

The outdoors can become a lot less scary when you have information to guide you on your journey. With this in mind, I created a series of pamphlets and brochures to help take the intimidation out of camping, and encourage the whole family to get outside. I wanted the material to be family friendly enough so that both parents and children would be able to learn from them, and get excited about the outdoors in the process. The idea would be for the Pennsylvania DCNR to mail families a copy of this material when they book a camp site. It would also be available at state park o‡ces.

The literal translation of the name Pennsylvania is "Penn's Woods", after William Penn who first settled in the state. The name was an obvious choice because, like the brand, William Penn was a lover of the dense forests that cover the state. I used simple and colorful illustrations to make the pieces more appealing to families, especially those with young children. I also inserted information in a playful way and used language easily understood by people of all ages. The information in the brochure and hand outs has a large focus on the Leave No Trace Principles. This material will help teach children and families how to care for our wild spaces, and make smart choices when using them.