The Baby Box Co.

The Baby Box Co.
Package Design

Role In Project: Co-Designer

The United States currently has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the developed world. Armed with this knowledge, Cooper University Hospital chose to head an initiative to bring the infant death rate down in the state of New Jersey. They partnered with The Baby Box Co. to start a program that offers a free "baby box" full of supplies to each new child born in the state. This box doubles as the child's crib to help promote safe sleep practices for the infant.

I worked with one other designer, as well as the staff at Cooper University Hospital to come up with a design that was relevant to the state of New Jersey, yet youthful enough for infants. We needed a design that was playful and fun so that it could seamlessly be placed in a nursery, and that parents would be excited about using this box as their new baby's crib for the first few weeks.

The project was kicked off by finding at heme that would be well received throughout the state. By brainstorming with my design partner and the staff at Cooper, we settled on designing the box to look and feel like the Jersey Shore, since it is one of the state's most well known landmarks. We illustrated seals who were building sandcastles, swimming, and playing with balls to relate to our infant audience, and chose colors that would match a nursery. The staff at Cooper siggested creating our clouds out of baby hand and footprints, and we ran with the idea. This program was launched in the spring of 2018 and the boxes are still being handed out to new infants and their parents every day throughout the state of New Jersey.