The Sticks

The Sticks: Premium Camping Kit
Branding & Package Design

When you think of the stereotypes surrounding camping, adjectives such as dirty, smelly, and uncomfortable may come to mind. Your traditional camper is essentially the opposite of most shoppers at a store called Terrain in Glen Mills, PA. The store is an upscale home and garden center who focuses on sustainable and natural living. Although the price tag is often high, the quality of their goods are often top of the line. My package design class at West Chester University was given the task of creating a product that goes against the typical items old in Terrain, and package it so that it appeals to their target consumer.

The obvious challenge with this project was finding common ground between the outdoors and an upscale lifestyle. I eventually decided that instead of mixing the two together, poking fun at camping would be most relatable to the upper class. With blunt headlines, and tongue-in-cheek copy throughout the packages, the brand's goal is to be upfront about the unpleasant parts about the outdoors. Instead, The Sticks is there to help make those not so fun parts of camping a little bit better, and a whole lot easier.

I chose oatmeal colored paper and a two color solution in order to stick with the sustainable theme that is constant throughout Terrain. In addition, I decided on fonts and mark making that gives the packaging an earthy feel that is often associated with both camping and the store in which the products would be sold in. The blunt product names and tag lines add a sense of humor to the product.