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Through my work, I strive to both educate and inspire the adventure junkie and outdoor newcomer alike. I have had the opportunity to test and review name brand gear, read and review books from trail record holders, write about my personal outdoor adventures and experiences, interview notable trail advocates, and have been asked to write multiple featured articles. Below are samples of my published work. Interested in collaborating on a project? Head on over to the contact page.

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Section Hikers Are Backpacking's Unsung Heros

Hiking a long-distance trail in sections is sometimes seen as the easier option. However, after a closer look, it is clear that choosing to hike a trail in this way requires years of perseverance, dedication, and careful planning. Never underestimate a section hiker.


16 Things 2018 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers Need To Know

As spring approaches, thru-hiker hopefuls are busy prepping gear, freeze drying meals, and planning miles. Between the never ending "Pre Hike To-Do List", it's easy to overlook some important details about the trail are specific to the 2018 thru hiking season.


Why Every Hiker Should Take A Wilderness First Aid Course

With cell phone service often unreliable in the backcountry, and medical assistance sometimes hours away, Wilderness First Aid is a basic wilderness survival skill that all hikers should know.


Pennsylvania: Must-See Day Hikes on the Appalachian Trail

Part of a multi-post series on Appalachian Trail day hikes: With over 250 miles of the Appalachian Trail within it's borders, Pennsylvania is overflowing with places to explore. The trail through PA is filled with both scenic overlooks and an abundance of trail heads, making it the perfect place for your next weekend adventure.

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How to Avoid Altitude Sickness During High-Elevation Hikes

Hiking at high elevations brings many unique challenges; weather, terrain, and physical strength all come into play differently than they would closer to sea level. However, one of the biggest factors—which is sometimes overlooked—is the possibility of altitude sickness. Despite physical strength and mental preparedness, altitude-related illnesses have the power to take down even the most experienced hiker.